Modular home BUB 2, 134.55 sqf
Modular home BUB 2, 134.55 sqf
Crown Supplies Corporation

Modular home BUB 2, 134.55 sqf

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Interior Space: 12.5㎡

Main Materials:UV resistant coating polycarbonate + aviation aluminum

Standard:PC dome + aluminum platform

Optional: internal and external sunshade system

Features: Anti-Oxidation, No Smell, Cordless, Anti-flaming,


Physical properties: Strong toughness, high impact resistance

Wind-Resistance: Level 10

Life Span: Standard 30 years life span, 10 year yellow change warranty

Warranty: Main Frame 3 years Installation: Modular splicing + screw fixation Application:1-2 persons

Application recommendation: Double person hotel, Star View Room or Youga room Children’s room and etc.

Include complete structure with all windows and doors. 

Logistics is not included.